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This site is built from sources for much of the data which support Ed Rutan’s High-Bounty Men in the Army of the Potomac, Reclaiming Their Honor, from the Kent State University Press, fall 2024.

HIBO (“High Bounty”) is divided broadly into two parts: Military and Economic, each of which is split in turn.

Military: The site opens with a selection of ‘New Regiments’ with options to list ‘Book Regiments’ (additional units discussed in the book) and ‘All Regiments’ (sourced for more general background material).

Options for inspecting general military information are found under Composite while more detail for each regiment can be found from Individual. Each regiment selected from the list is shown for clarity. The default is the 17th Vermont, the first one we researched using Civil War Service Records (CMSR) at The National Archives.

Economic: The heart of the socio-economic argument is found under ‘Compensation’ (bounties and monthly pay during four different epochs) and ‘Civilian Wages’ (for each of ten states over those same periods of time). ‘Wage Ratios’ and ‘Graphs’ draw out the balance of military/civilian benefits. Additional background data can be found under the ‘Census 1860’ heading.

Tables: Larger variants of a small number of those found in the book, extending the data for readers who may be using this site for research purposes.

Methodology: A paper which outlines choices made during the research and writing peculiar to the nature of Civil War study. Referenced in the book, it has been included here due to its length and probable interest for researchers and history buffs.